The Feng Shui Cures

Feng shui cures are ancient methods that the Chinese people had been using ever since ancient period to fight bad energy in the environment.

Feng shui cures are usually made using items that embody the 5 basic feng shui elements. These are the metal, earth, wood and fire elements.

Cures are obtained from these elements with the aim of neutralizing bad energy and supporting harmony with the surroundings and the persons living in it. The right application of the cures will provide balance which translates to a better fortune.

Feng shui cures may cancel out harmful energies carried by the 2nd black star and the 5th yellow star from the diagram of the flying stars. These stars are thought to cause accidents, bring ill health as well as other overwhelming disasters in life. These ominous stars is thought to have deep influence to all the people who reside in that specific area so it is extremely important to counterbalance it.

The correct blend of feng shui cures could make these stars lose their effect.

According to the diagram, the 2nd black star and the 5th yellow star both have the earth property.

As stated by feng shui guiding principles, the most efficient way to counter bad energies that contains the earth property is to use things that have metal characteristics. This is why the best feng shui cures that will work for this particular case would be the ones that represent the metal element.

The second black star is the one that brings sickness and ailments. On the other hand, the 5th yellow star is the one accountable for accidents and fatal disasters. Once you apply metal feng shui cures, you will be shielded and the damaging effect of the stars will be corrected.

Even though metal cures are typically utilized by businessmen in inviting wealth and income, they may also be used to defend against evil and specific health problems.

The metal toad is one of the most familiar feng shui cures to be found in workplaces. Apart from its ability to draw income, it is also thought to drive away bad energies that bring about diseases.

One more example of familiar feng shui cures utilized nowadays is the precious gourd. The precious gourd is an ancient Chinese item that is thought to symbolize longevity and good well being. With this you are confident that you will maintain a long and healthy life. To amplify its influence, you can bind three feng shui coins to it by a red ribbon. We do this in order that the precious gourd will not only grant protection but additional income as well.

You might run into a lot more conflicts concerning the balance of your residence. But for each one of these problems, there are effective feng shui cures that you can use to restore the energy balance.

Feng shui cures are invented by feng shui experts not only to battle bodily ailments but the diseases in career, financial matters, relationships and many more. This function of feng shui is made so that we may live our life with more happiness and harmony with our surroundings.

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